Sos Jr. at the German TV show Fernsehgarten (ZDF)

#Magic - Dekolta Chair - Sos Petrosyan - #PRETENDERSHOW Recap of my live #magic performance on one of the most famous German #TV shows👌 You can see my new act with my version of…

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Sos Jr. presenting new Louis Vuitton Collection “Game On”

Sos Jr. was invited as a special guest, to present the new collection of Louis Vuitton in a magical way. This was an exclusive event for VIP guests only. The collection is called…

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Sos Jr. | Vincent Stein (aka. Beatzarre) | Dag Alexis Kopplin (known from the german band SDP)

Sos Jr. meets Vincent Stein (aka. Beatzarre) & Dag Alexis Kopplin (known from the German band SDP) in their studio and performs an incredible illusion, which shows the audience at…

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KIKA Live TV Show | Jessica Schöne | Crispy Rob | Sos Jr.

Jess meets Sos Jr. for some concentrated magic. After the amazement comes the big challenge for her: Does she have what it takes to do magic herself? She apprentices with the…

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Jochen Schweizer with Sos Jr. at Jochen Schweizer Action Day, Influencer Event.

Jochen Schweizer | Special Influencer Event | Sos Jr.

Special appearance in Hamburg for the Jochen Schweizer Influencer Event & Action Day! After some crazy action like bungee jumping and wall climbing, Sos Jr. performed his "Call Me…

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Capitol Mannheim | The Magic Show PRETENDER

Now we can put this poster into our warehouse archives ⭐️  It has been such a magical journey with The Magic Show PRETENDER so far and I can't wait to see where it will bring me…

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The Magic Show PRETENDER – The Mask Is Back

Dive into a mind-blowing show of spectacular illusions, starring Sos Jr. - World's Most Awarded Magician - as your guide through the story of PRETENDER. About The Magic Show…

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Sos Jr.’s new solo show PRETENDER – The Most Honest Show In The World

The new fantastic solo show of Sos Jr. will amaze you with its worldwide unseen Illusions and the way Sos presents them. This mind-blowing spectacular showcases the talent of this…

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